It's an alternative for the agricultural world

and the Municipalities and it"s FREE !!!


Free Camping Throughout  Canada and USA !


 -Spend safe and tranquil nights throuhout  Canada and USA.

     Meetthe hosts, taste and enjoy their product,                                                                                             - --cheeses, wines, ciders, fruits and vegetablesand handy craft products.

 - The idea is simple:

In all regions, the farmers wine growers artisans and Municipalities invite

you to park free of charge on their property from day to night for 24 hours.

Each host will supply 1 or several spaces ( 1 to 5 ) reserved only for R.V LIBERTE

Membres travelling with R.V. ( Motohomes, trailers, Van ) equipped with eletricity, water, sanitary and waste disposal.

The only requirements to benefit from this extraordinary parking club are to know how to say "good moming" and

" thank you" and to have the current guide and vignette RV.LIBERTE for that year.



Calm nights and total



Discover local farm produce !

Visit our most rural villages 

and meet the local artisans

We are looking for hosts !  

There are approx. 9 000 000 millions in Canada and USA, a clientele we wish to introduce to your regions.

The RV LIBERTE system offers you a FREE opportunity to introduce your profession and your products.

For you these R.V. owners are potential clients and future ambassadors for your products.



                               Enrol in the section ( host ) by enterring your name in the " Hosts " section

                                                                       and fill in your details as requested.  



RV Liberté

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Québec, Canada