To all who have registered in 2017, the registration will be automatic and you will receive in March 2018 want thumbnails for 2018 and free.


It's an alternative for the agricultural world

and the Municipalities and it"s FREE !!!


Free Camping Throughout  Canada and USA !


 -Spend safe and tranquil nights throuhout  Canada and USA.

     Meetthe hosts, taste and enjoy their product,                                                                                             - --cheeses, wines, ciders, fruits and vegetablesand handy craft products.

 - The idea is simple:

In all regions, the farmers wine growers artisans and Municipalities invite

you to park free of charge on their property from day to night for 24 hours.

Each host will supply 1 or several spaces ( 1 to 5 ) reserved only for R.V LIBERTE

Membres travelling with R.V. ( Motohomes, trailers, Van ) equipped with eletricity, water, sanitary and waste disposal.

The only requirements to benefit from this extraordinary parking club are to know how to say "good moming" and

" thank you" and to have the current guide and vignette RV.LIBERTE for that year.



Calm nights and total



Discover local farm produce !

Visit our most rural villages 

and meet the local artisans

We are looking for hosts !  

There are approx. 9 000 000 millions in Canada and USA, a clientele we wish to introduce to your regions.

The RV LIBERTE system offers you a FREE opportunity to introduce your profession and your products.

For you these R.V. owners are potential clients and future ambassadors for your products.



                               Enrol in the section ( host ) by enterring your name in the " Hosts " section

                                                                       and fill in your details as requested.  



RV Liberté

4155, 6e avenue Est apt 212

Québec, Canada G1H-7A5